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Pup Slumbering in Nativity Scene Manger Gets Adopted!



  • When Nádia Rosângella passed by their local nativity scene display, she was surprised to see that the supposedly empty manger had an occupant.
  • The manger had traditionally been left empty until Christmas day itself, but a pup was comfortably sleeping in it.
  • Nádia decided to share some photos of the pup, which helped her get adopted!

A nativity scene display in Brazil had an unexpected occupant in its manger: a young dog. The manger was supposed to be empty until Christmas day according to tradition.

Photo Credit: Nádia Rosângella

Nádia Rosângella, who chanced upon the heartwarming scene, told The Dodo that she was pleasantly surprised to see that the supposedly empty manger had an occupant.

“It was so beautiful! Such a lovely and pure scene,” she said.

It seems like the empty manger was the perfect spot to get cozy and take a nap. And so the pup got comfortable and slumbered peacefully.

Photo Credit: Nádia Rosângella

The pup’s origins are still unclear, but Nádia thinks it’s likely that she was abandoned in the square.

The poor pup sought refuge and found it, just like Joseph and Mary did.

What the pup did not know was that there was a Christmas miracle in store for her.

Photo Credit: Nádia Rosângella

A touched Nádia wanted to help the pup find a home. She couldn’t adopt her herself, so she took heartwarming photos of the scene and shared them with her friends and local animal lovers.

It was not long before the pup who sought refuge in the manger found someone to give him all that he deserves. Nádia’s friend found the pup and took her home.

Photo Credit: Nádia Rosângella

Her chance role in the nativity scene gave her a second chance at a wonderful life!

Photo Credit: Nádia Rosângella

What a blessed holiday gift!

Nádia shared, “I feel happy and at peace knowing she’s safe. I love animals very much, and wish the same for all of them.”

Source: The Dodo