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Selfless Donor Who Wishes To Remain Unnamed Gifted Hospital Workers $1 Million For Their Hard Work Amid The Pandemic



  • The Health workers and other staffers at a California hospital have been working hard to fight the battle against COVID-19 pandemic.
  • To reward them for their hard work, a “longtime” supporter of the hospital who wished to remain unnamed, gave them a gift of $1 million to be shared among all the employees.
  • The donation was made through the Dominican Hospital Foundation.

The Health workers and other staffers at a California hospital received a massive amount of donation from an anonymous benefactor for working hard in battling the novel coronavirus pandemic, says in a report.

“Thank you for standing up (and staying up!) to care for our community,” the kind hearted donor says in a note to the employees of Dominican Hospital in Santa Cruz. “This humankindness is what makes you heroic.”

The $1 million donation was intended for all the hospital employees including health workers, cleaning staff, laboratory technicians, clerks, security personnel, and mailroom staff, who work tirelessly in the facility amid difficult times. 

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According to The Hill, the donation was made through the hospital’s foundation which will provide full-timers $800 and part-timers $600 each.

“We cannot adequately express the depth of our gratitude for this gracious, selfless gift,” says the hospital President Nanette Mickiewicz.

The unnamed selfless patron is a “longtime” supporter of the hospital from Santa Cruz County. 

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Amy Loudon, the nursing supervisor, was astounded by the donor’s immense generosity.

Furthermore, she said that while the doctors and nurses normally get all the praise for the hospital’s every success, it can’t be denied that all the other staffers keep the hospital running with their dedicated efforts—the cleaning staff, the delivery team, the technicians who fix the machines, and all others. 

“It’s a team, and I’m glad the whole team is getting a thank you,” she said, adding that she’s “definitely going to spoil myself a little bit” with her share of the cash.

Source: New York Post