Sheep Dog Who Lost A Limb In An Accident Keeps His Job Of Rounding Sheep [Video]

  • Boss has been chasing after sheep and rounding them up ever since he was a puppy.
  • In a freak accident, the Border Collie suffered nerve damage to his front leg that had to be amputated.
  • After recovering, Boss is back doing what he loves to do — herding sheep at their farm in Perth, Scotland.

Boss, a Border Collie, has been herding sheep on their farm outside Perth, Scotland.  Ever since he was an eight-week-old pup, he has been chasing sheep and rounding them up.  While rounding sheep one day, he suddenly disappeared.

Shepherdess Anna MacKinnon was worried sick about Boss’ whereabouts.  And despite efforts to locate him, even flying a drone over the area, they cannot find Boss.  

But after eight days, Anna’s father saw Boss limping over a hill.

Anna recalled, “My dad was like, ‘oh my goodness, that’s Boss’. I couldn’t believe it—I was shaking.”

Photo Credit:  Anna MacKinnon / SWNS

Upon consultations with the vet, they found out that Boss had nerve damage to his front left. And after six weeks, there was still no improvement on the leg’s condition.  Anna had to decide to amputate the damaged leg as it would be the best for Boss.

For a sheep herding dog, the legs are most important.  Anna thought that Boss would have to retire.  But, Boss would not have it.  Just after three weeks of having the stitches removed, Boss was back in his element — rounding sheep.

Photo Credit: The Independent (YouTube)

Anna said, “After the anesthetic wore off he just went back to how he was before. He was really, really excited to get back out there.”

Looking at Boss, you would think that he has all his limbs intact as he still speedily and efficiently does his work.  

Anna says that she is happy and proud that Boss is back doing the thing he loves most but would not risk his safety.

 Photo Credit: Anna MacKinnon / SWNS

Watching Boss being vulnerable tugs at her heart. She said, “He’s a once in a lifetime dog and he’s done everything I’ve ever asked of him.”

We wish you complete recovery and good health, Boss!

Source: Good News Network

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These dogs are so smart!! You can not hold them down. Happy he’s back to work.