Smart pup learns math, shapes, colors using flash cards! [Video]

Smart pup learns math, shapes, colors using flash cards!

  • Akira, a six-year-old Shiba Inu, has learned some basic math problems and other brain tricks through flash cards.
  • He also knows more than 90 words and recognizes shapes, colors, and numbers.
  • The pup has been trained by his mom Monica Elkhalifa since five years ago.

This clever dog nails his learning flash cards!

Akira, a six-year-old Shiba Inu, can count one to ten, answer questions, and solve math problems — in English and Japanese — using different flashcards featuring colors, numbers, and shapes. Besides nailing all these, Akira mastered more than 90 words, too!


His fur mom, Monica Elkhalifa, taught the pup these new tricks when she noticed that he was no longer entertained with long walks and toys. She also taught Akira to add up the number of drawings on a card, like three apples, and to answer yes/no questions.

According to Monica, Shiba Inus are “very independent and clever.” Akira would often look behind the TV to check where people or animals on the digital box are coming from. Glass tables didn’t also escape his curiosity. When he was little, he would go under them to look at things.

“I just thought it would be fun to teach him a few numbers — just an exercise to keep him busy. I was overjoyed when he learned the number four. After that, he quickly learned five to ten and as he mastered each stage or level, I had to develop new ideas to keep him mentally active and build on the earlier lessons,” Monica shared.

“This included teaching him counting, addition and mixing colors and objects, and the yes and no cards,” she added.

It was five years ago when Monica decided to develop her pooch’s mind further and work on flashcards to teach him shapes and commands.

Akira’s first knacks involved tapping the card on command, then he got familiar with the shape of a number or image with Monica tracing it with her finger and saying it aloud. He also learned to count with Monica’s technique of holding a flashcard with a number on it next to a card with that same number of tennis balls, and audibly counting them.

Photo Credit: SWNS

The smart pup was also taught how to recognize different colors, despite the fact that dogs are largely color blind.

His ten-minute sessions five times a week are making Akira calmer, Monica said. He always looks forward to his next learning sessions, with subtraction as the next challenge.

All these techniques were dubbed “The Professor Akira Method: Brain Training for Dogs” by the fur mom, which she sells for £20.00 on her website

This teaching-learning custom has also formed a greater bond for Monica and Akira, who live in Abu Dhabi, UAE, with Monica’s husband and their other dog Miko.


Source: Good News Network

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