Stray cat visits stranger’s house to ‘fix’ her hair every morning

  • When the Heidelbergs moved into a new neighborhood, they were not expecting to be welcomed and chosen by a stray cat.
  • The stray cat now has a hybrid setup of being inside a house and being fed regularly and yet enjoys living outside when she wants to.
  • Grey Cat no longer wanders around visiting the neighbors but concentrates on grooming her mom’s hair nearly every day.

A gray stray cat used to wander around a neighborhood and visit multiple houses.  But when the Heidelbergs moved in, the cat zeroed in on the mom, Jessica, and chose her to be her human and decided to worm her way into the family.

Photo Credit: Jessica Heidelberg

Jessica Heidelberg said, “She just kinda showed up, very hungry and very friendly. Originally, I would feed her outside because she liked to bully my three spoiled cats and guard their food bowl from them.”

Photo Credit: Jessica Heidelberg

And when Heidelberg’s daughter snuck the cat inside their house regularly, the cat just made herself at home!

Now the former stray no longer roams around the neighbors as she prefers eating Jessica Heidelberg’s hair. “She also likes to lay, stand or nap on my chest. Sometimes she gently bites my face in affection. But she loves to ‘fix’ my hair any time I sit in my favorite chair,” Heidelberg added.

Photo Credit: Jessica Heidelberg

There are different reasons why cats groom.  As kittens, they are groomed by their moms to “share” the scent of the family or could be they are relieving stress.

Heidelberg now receives grooming almost daily from Grey Cat as a form of thank you for adopting her and enjoys the warmth of the home she has been given.  Having lived outside for a time, Heidelberg does not keep her indoors all the time.

Photo Credit: Jessica Heidelberg

Heidelberg said, “I let her in when it gets cold or rains, or just whenever she decides she needs a free meal. I let her out when she’s had enough, or if she pleases. I allow her to nap, play hair stylist or play with my cats’ mouse toys, which they take for granted.”

Grey Cat has found her home and makes sure Mom does not have a bad hair day.

Source: The Dodo

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You don’t ever own a cat! The cat owns you! My golden doodle owns me and he knows it too!

I have a similar story. “Buddy” the tabby showed up on the day that we moved in, he is very sweet and loving. He comes in whenever he chooses to do so and goes out when he wants. We feed him and love him, but he sometimes wants to fight with my Norwegian Forest Cat, Babygirl, so I have to referee.

I have 2 cats and 3 dogs, they all get along. One night about 2 in the morning, my little dog was growling. I saw my grey cat on a pillow on top of a chest. I was confused as to why my dog was growling. I looked down on the floor at her and there sat my grey cat. This stray cat came through the doggie door in my room and found a place to chill.