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No Fence Can Prevent This Dog From Getting Daily Massage From Pup Next Door [Video]

Little dog Beaù took an instant liking to their neighbor’s dog Rocco. Beaù’s mom managed to capture a video of Rocco massaging Beaù’s back through a fence and posted it on Facebook. Rocco seems...

Two Pups Meet By The Fence And Become Best Friends Instantly [Video]

Dory’s family just moved to a new neighborhood and soon enough, she met a new friend.  His name is Tasso, who also wanted to meet the newcomers by sticking his head underneath the fence. ...

Watch This Dog Get A Massage From Neighbor Pup Everyday Through The Fence! [Video]

When Kayleigh’s dog Jak passed away, his best friend Rocco, the neighbor’s pup, was very sad.  But then Beaù, Kayleigh’s other dog, instantly became best buddies with Rocco. One day, Kayleigh discovered how Rocco...