Two Pups Meet By The Fence And Become Best Friends Instantly [Video]

  • Dory’s family just moved to a new neighborhood and soon enough, she met a new friend. 
  • His name is Tasso, who also wanted to meet the newcomers by sticking his head underneath the fence. 
  • Every chance they get, Dory and Tasso meet by the fence and play together.

Dory is over 8 months old  and is a sweet pup who loves to meet people and other dogs she can play with! 

“She wants to play with all humans and dogs and gets confused when dogs don’t want to play,” her dad, Ross Brickelmaier, told The Dodo.

So when the family moved to a new home, Dory took this opportunity to meet a new friend. 

Apparently, a neighbor’s pup was also excited to see the newcomers. While they were hanging out in their backyard, Dory and the rest of the family, noticed a dog sticking its head through a hole under the fence, clearly wanting to say hello. 

“As soon as Dory realized that head was attached to a dog, she started looking for him every time she went into the backyard,” Ross said.

Later on they learned his name was Tasso, and he became friends with Dory instantly! They must have realized it wasn’t at all fun playing together while each of them were on different sides of the fence, so Tasso squeezed himself underneath the barrier just to play with her. 

Photo Credit: Ross Brickelmaier

He successfully invited himself in the new neighbor’s yard and both pups were so thrilled! They played together happily but not for long. 

Since Dory’s parents hadn’t met Tasso’s yet, they worried they must be looking for him. So they escorted him back to his home much to the pups’ dismay. Still, they have already decided that they were best friends and that they should meet through the fence every time they get a chance. 

“They continued to flirt under the fence and pass toys underneath, and Dory learned to stick her head under the fence but realized she was too big to fit all the way underneath,” Ross said.

Photo Credit: Ross Brickelmaier

Tasso’s parents on the other hand had no idea what he had been doing until they randomly saw a video of him on Dory’s parents’ TikTok account — and they found it sweet and cute and hilarious. 

“We decided we needed to get the dogs together for an official playdate, so we took Dory over for drinks in their backyard,” Ross said. “The dogs and the humans had a great time, so we’ll be doing it again soon!”

Dory and Tasso may have met in an unusual way, but they did not realize they were bringing two families together creating new friendships and new relationships! Absolutely lovely!

Source: The Dodo

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