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No Fence Can Prevent This Dog From Getting Daily Massage From Pup Next Door [Video]



  • Little dog Beaù took an instant liking to their neighbor’s dog Rocco.
  • Beaù’s mom managed to capture a video of Rocco massaging Beaù’s back through a fence and posted it on Facebook.
  • Rocco seems happy to do Beaù’s bidding to rub her back as she wags his tail while doing it. 

When Kayleigh Burrowes saw her dog Beaù getting a secret rub from the next-door neighbor’s dog, Rocco, she could not believe her eyes.

Burrowes said, “One day, I was sitting on my sofa then I looked out the patio door and Rocco was massaging Beaù. I thought I was seeing things for a second, but now they won’t stop.”

But she found it hilarious and so she took a video which she posted on her Facebook page.  The clip went viral.

Photo Credit: Kayleigh Burrowes

Beaù has always been a sweet and hyper dog who loves snuggles.  She had been missing her older brother Jak who died from old age. But when she met the neighbor’s dog, Rocco, when she was allowed outside, she instantly took to the bull terrier’s playful attitude. Plus, she soon learned that Rocco gives her a good back rub.

Photo Credit: Kayleigh Burrowes

Having a good scratch is one of Beaù’s favorites in life.  And Rocco gives her a daily massage through the fence which earned him a soft spot in Beaù’s heart.

And the feeling may be mutual as Rocco also seems to enjoy giving her rubs.  He happily wags his tail while doing Beaù’s bidding.

Burrowes said, “The massaging could go on for as long as Beaù wants him to.  And although she does not give Rocco a rub in return, she sure does show in other ways that she loves Rocco. “When he stops, she paws at him to do it back,” Burrowes added.  Beaù certainly knows how to get what she wants!

And the two dogs can go on and on the whole night and day, enjoying each other’s company. Burrowes said, “They are best friends — little and large.”

Source: The Dodo