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dog escapes daycare to run back home

Dog rings doorbell after making 2-mile journey home from daycare [Video]

The Hensons were on vacation in Las Vegas, so Dexter was left in a doggy daycare. Dexter’s family, who were notified by their home security app, were surprised to see Dexter ringing the doorbell....

Girl Scout’s Adorable Sales Pitch on Doorbell Camera Rakes In 200 Boxes in 24 Hours [Video]

First grader Allie Shroyer has sold 560 boxes of girl scout cookies thanks to her adorable pitch on video. The Girl Scout Allie cannot go door-to-door because of the pandemic but still raked in...
Playful Cat Trolls Mom on Doorbell Camera

Playful Cat Trolls Mom on Doorbell Camera [Video]

When Norma Maikovich kept getting notifications on her phone from the doorbell camera, it made her worry as to what could be tripping it. It turned out that her cat Ace managed to go...