Dog rings doorbell after making 2-mile journey home from daycare [Video]

  • The Hensons were on vacation in Las Vegas, so Dexter was left in a doggy daycare.
  • Dexter’s family, who were notified by their home security app, were surprised to see Dexter ringing the doorbell.
  • The pup had jumped the daycare’s 6-foot fence and traveled a 90-minute, 2-mile journey back home!

Jeremy and Sarah Henson were on a vacation in Las Vegas when they received a notification from their home-security app. When they checked the doorbell camera of their Kansas City home, they were surprised to see their pup, Dexter, pawing at the front door.

Photo Credit: WDAF

Dexter was supposed to be at the doggy daycare on that day, Feb. 16, so his family wondered what he was doing outside their home.

Jeremy told聽WDAF that he actually wasn’t surprised that Dexter made it home by himself, since he knows how clever the pup can be. Still, he figured that the daycare staff might not be aware of it, and he was worried about Dexter’s safety, so he contacted them.

It turns out that 5-year-old Dexter escaped his kennel and jumped a 6-foot fence to get outside.

He then traveled two miles in 90 minutes to get to their Lenexa, Kansas home, Inside Edition reported.

Photo Credit: Inside Edition

The journey is difficult enough by car, so making it on his own was an amazing feat.

Dexter proved to have excellent navigational skills like most dogs, who are known for their excellent sense of smell and hearing.

The pup was also familiar with the area since his family frequently takes him on walks.

Photo Credit: WDAF

Dexter was retrieved by the daycare staff a few minutes after his escape was phoned in by his dad.

Perhaps it’s a sign for the Hensons to take Dexter with them the next time they go on vacation?

Source: Daily Paws

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