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Girl Scout’s Adorable Sales Pitch on Doorbell Camera Rakes In 200 Boxes in 24 Hours [Video]



  • First grader Allie Shroyer has sold 560 boxes of girl scout cookies thanks to her adorable pitch on video.
  • The Girl Scout Allie cannot go door-to-door because of the pandemic but still raked in sales.
  • Allie says it’s hard work and compares it to doing interviews on the doorbells.

Even with the pandemic, there is no stopping the Girl Scout Cookie Season.  But this time, they are not going door-to-door, but through a video on Facebook.

One adorable Girl Scout, Allie Shroyer, sold over 200 boxes in the first 24 hours! 

Allies proud mom Kristen, explains, “I knew she wouldn’t be able to go door-to-door, so we thought the next best thing was to record a sales pitch at the door. And Allie really had to visit one of their neighbor’s homes for the video.

Kristen added, “It’s important to us that she still learns the skills she’d get from going door to door versus her mom just sending out a link. She had no prep. We just reminded her of the price of the boxes, and told her to give us her best sales pitch!”

How did the first grader at Cheyenne Traditional School in Scottsdale, Arizona make the big sale?

Allie was recorded on a doorbell security camera in her blue Girl Scout vest standing in front of the door and says: “Hi, I’m Allie. Would you like to buy some Girl Scout cookies? Would you like one? Or two? Or three or four or five?”

Photo Credit: Kristen Shroyer

And then she sweetly adds, “What’s your favorite color? Because the boxes are colors and maybe you can get a box in that color.”

Her mom Kristen posted it on Facebook which has then spread rapidly and raked in 560 sales.

So far, Allie has made 560 sales and her favorites— thin mints, trefoils, samosa and tagalongs, are still available.

Photo Credit: Kristen Shroyer

She may be raking in hundreds of sales but Allie has this to say about her success: “It’s kind of been harder because we would sell cookies and ring doorbells with real people, but now during coronavirus, it’s like we’re doing interviews on the doorbells.”

Aaawww, Allie!


Source: PEOPLE