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Teen’s Rooster Sprints To School Bus Stop Everyday To Greet Her [Video]



  • A teenage girl has an unusual best friend named Frog who is a rooster.
  • Ever since Frog was a chick, he already hung out with Savannah while doing her laundry, washing the dishes, reading and watching TV.
  • When Savannah goes to school in the morning, Frog would accompany her to the bus stop and wait for her when she comes home.

We have all heard of people being best friends with cats and dogs.  But Savannah of Atlanta, Texas has a rooster for a best friend.  Unusual, right?  But the two certainly share a special bond that is bound to make your heart melt.

Frog is not your usual rooster.  When Frog was still a chick, he hopped around and did not walk. That is why they named him Frog.  He also did not behave like the usual chickens.  He seemed to enjoy the company of humans instead of his own species.

Savannah and Frog’s mom, Holley Burns recalled, “He was very attentive. He wasn’t interested in what the chickens were doing, he was interested in what the humans were doing… I don’t think he thinks he’s a rooster.”

Photo Credit: Frog The Rooster (YouTube)

And Frog chose Savannah to be his favorite human.

It springs from Savannah carrying him around while she did her chores like doing the laundry, washing dishes and simply hanging around her while they read and watch TV.  They were inseparable.

Photo Credit: Frog The Rooster (Facebook)

And when Savannah waits at the bus stop for school every morning, Frog dutifully waits with her.  Later in the day, Frog eagerly waits for her to come home.

Such a moment was captured by Holley on video and posted on Facebook. Frog is seen excitedly running onto the driveway as he hears the bus coming. It was adorable!

Photo Credit: Frog The Rooster (Facebook)

And when Savannah takes time to get off the bus, Frog is not at all afraid to get on the bus!

Holley said, “It’s gotten to the point that if they [Savannah and her brother] don’t get off the school bus on time, he [Frog] will get on the school bus. Our bus driver is really good — he knows to watch out for Frog. He makes sure they’re in the clear before they leave.”

What a beautiful friendship!  May you have more years together, Savannah and Frog!

Source: Inspire More