Tiny Dog’s Expression When Cuddling Session Stops Is So Relatable [Video]

  • Cuddles are one of life’s greatest pleasures which make getting up a disappointment.
  • One Brussels Griffon pup named Pluto was forced to get up in the morning by his mom and his facial expression speaks volumes of his displeasure.
  • The TikTok video of @plutogriffon has viewers commenting that Pluto’s face sure does bring on the guilt feeling at the same time, laughter.  

When you’re a dog and you’re enjoying the warm feeling of being enclosed in sheets or your human warmer, getting up can be a bummer.  Cuddle time should be longer! 

TikTok user @plutogriffon’s video of Pluto their Brussels Griffon’s expression from being made to get up is the perfect example of total disappointment and disgust.  And he’s not afraid to show it.  What the pup cannot say, he certainly shows on his face.


how he looks at me when i get out of bed 🙁

♬ original sound – pluto

But the viewers’ comments did the talking for Pluto.

@shepersistent said, “Show me something that makes you feel guiltier. You can’t.” which @faerynarcher added, “I didn’t even do anything and I feel guilty.” 

Pluto’s owner should think twice about leaving Pluto in bed after all the fuzzy cuddling.

And while the two comments brought out the guilty feelings, others found Pluto’s expression hilarious and at the same time adorable. @shojo_aie quipped, “The Resting Disappointment face is killing me! Why is it so cute?” and @bridgetybridge1 wrote, “The look on his face is funny! He’s tired of everyone’s nonsense and he’s letting ya’ll know!”

If Pluto’s owner did not get the message to stop getting out of bed in the morning, she should think again.  


crying because i’m eating breakfast

♬ original sound – pluto

Make amends, mom.  Give Pluto a treat or stay a little longer.  Or at least after Pluto’s in a deep sleep, he won’t notice you’ve gone.

Source: Pet Helpful

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