Vet who rescued kitty from euthanasia inspired to build an animal shelter and treat pets on the streets

  • A tiny kitty that fits the palm of the vet that checked on them during kitty season, showed determination to live, paving the way for her adoption.
  • After just a few weeks under the vet’s care, the kitty has shown affection for the vet which inspired him to give love to more pets by building animal shelters.
  • The animal shelters also serve as a “go-to” for people who want to adopt rescued pets thus helping reduce the euthanasia rate. 

Dr. Kane Stewart is no stranger to treating a number of sick kitties during kitten season.  But there was something about the little Siamese mix with eyes closed shut and with a bad upper respiratory infection that tugged at his heart.  He thought that there was something special about the kitty.

As a test, he gave the kitty food and boy was he surprised at the determination of the kitty to eat and survive, prompting him to give it a chance by fostering the tiny feline.

Photo Credit: Kwane Stewart

Stewart said, “Every day I just saw how much she wanted to live. I started to fall for this little kitten.”

In just two weeks, the kitty who now goes by the name Sushi after her adoption, has opened her eyes and turned into a spunky and healthy kitten who immediately runs to Stewart when he comes home from work.

Photo Credit: Kwane Stewart

“When I would sit at my desk and do work, she would jump up on my shoulders, almost like a neck pillow, and wrap around my neck and just purr,” Steward added. “We had this really cool bond.”

This bond and Sushi’s ability to thank her savior through her sweet ways inspired Steward to save other animals by campaigning for the building of new shelters where people who want to adopt pets can go. The no-kill shelters have contributed to reducing the euthanasia rate in the county through Project Street Vet.

Photo Credit: Project Street Vet

The non-profit public charity, Project Street Vet gives free support, treatment and veterinary care to pets of homeless individuals. Fetch by The Dodo is a proud primary sponsor of the Project Street Vet, working together to bring veterinary services to pets and people who need it most. 

Source: The Dodo

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