Video of Senior Shelter Dog Getting Tucked In Might Just Melt Your Heart To Adopt Her [Video]

  • Senior dog Sandy was returned to the shelter in October of 2021 when her parents got ill during the pandemic.
  • She was found as a stray way back in 2013 and has been to different homes since then.
  • To make her feel at ease and loved, shelter staff have taken turns to tuck her in at night with a comforting blanket, hugs and kisses.

Back in 2013, Sandy was running at-large and the Knox County Humane Society took her in.  They waited for someone to claim her but no one came and so she was listed for adoption.

She found homes over the years but none offered a forever home for her.  The last one happened during the pandemic but she was returned after her parents became ill.

The 10-year-old is back and shelter staff devised a way to make her at ease and special— a bedtime routine that would rival that of luxurious accommodations.

Shelter staff Lou Ann said, “Since being here, Sandy has picked up the routine of getting tucked in every night. She jumps up in her chair, and one of our employees will tuck her in. It is something that has become an almost-every-night thing that she looks forward to.”

Photo Credit: Knox County Humane Society

And in the adorable video, the love bug Sandy even gets kisses!  No wonder Sandy has been getting nights of solid sleep.

Aside from the loving nightly routine, Sandy also loves walks and car rides and other dogs.

Photo Credit: Knox County Humane Society

The shelter staff are hopeful that Sandy gets to have a home of her own where she can get tucked in and loved on.

We sure hope so, Sandy!

Source: The Dodo

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