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Watch this adorable corgi’s “bubble butt” float in water [Video]



  • We Rate Dogs brightened the days of dog lovers yet again when they shared a video of a corgi butt floating in the water.
  • The cute video showed a person gently pressing down on a submerged corgi’s behind, only for it to float back up in seconds!
  • It turns out that corgi butts are about 79.4 percent air, making them perfectly buoyant.

A cute video from TikTok user @weratedogs reminded netizens of the adorable fact that a corgi can float in water without even trying — all thanks to its “bubble butt.”

In the video below, we can see the cute corgi chilling in a pool. Submerged with only his face and ears above the surface, someone gently presses down on the corgi’s behind. Only seconds later, its butt floats back up!


Today I learned that corgi butts can float. Not sure what to do with this info, other than share it with you. 14/10 what a good buoy #weratedogs ♬ original sound – tyler

We Rate Dogs wrote, “Today I learned that Corgi butts can float. Not sure what to do with this info, other than share it with you. What a good buoy!”

The adorable video has since earned over 5 million hearts on the social media platform. Several TikTok users tagged fellow Corgi owners to test out the cute ability.

One comment read, “I have a Corgi Mastiff mix and I need to try this.” Another joked, “Take a Corgi > Take a lifesaver vest.”

It turns out that corgis can easily float in water, thanks to the shape and composition of their buoyant butts.

Photo Credit: Pixabay

Corgis have long been known for their soft and fluffy behind, which gives them their distinctive run.

Their fluffy behinds easily float in water because they consist of about 79.4 percent air!

Instead of being packed with heavy muscle fibers, corgis have a mostly hollow butt. This is probably why a corgi’s butt is usually called a “bubble butt”.


Here’s another video of a corgi happily swimming with ease:

Source: Pets Radar