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When Farmer’s Horses Fell Into a Pond of Icy Water, Neighbors Rushed to the Rescue! [Video]



  • During winter, Russia’s ponds freeze into a very thick bed of ice, that there’s nothing to worry about when walking on them.
  • But earlier in February, Sagitzyan’s horses fell into a pond that had a thinner ice bed due to the warming weather.
  • Fortunately, his neighbors rushed to save all his gorgeous horses!

Russia can be terribly cold during its winter season. In fact, ponds and lakes would freeze and have a 20-inch-thick layer of ice, especially in the Republic of Bashkortostan.

With that thick bed of ice, nobody worries that animals may fall into the bodies of water. But the unthinkable happened to the horses of a farmer named Sagitzyan Idiyatullin. Fortunately, his neighbors were there to lend a helping hand.

Working on the family’s farm, Sagitzyan gets to bond with the adorable animals. He makes it a point to let his horses roam around and play even when it’s cold.

In early February, the weather was milder and slightly warmer than the icy temperatures that Sagitzyan and his horses were used to. They weren’t able to foresee that the ice beds in the ponds were most likely thinner.

When some of Sagitzyan’s horses stepped into a pond, the ice flooring broke and the horses suddenly found themselves in a life-threatening crisis.

Thankfully, Sagitzyan’s neighbors were there to save them! They rushed to save his gorgeous horses.

Sagitzyan shared a video on his Instagram account, in which everyone can be seen working hard to pull the horses back up and far away from the water. Together they were able to eventually get all the horses out from the freezing cold water.

Everyone went home safe and well.

That was such a beautiful act of kindness and camaraderie. When a neighbor was in need, everybody set aside their personal things and rushed to help despite the challenging temperature! Neighbors like these make a much better world to live in.

Source: inspireMORE