Woman Under Anesthesia Hilariously Confesses Love To Her Nurse [Video]

  • Patients under strong medicines can behave differently from their normal behavior.
  • A patient who just had surgery on her broken arm started confessing her love to her nurse and even planned their wedding.
  • Through it all, the nurse listens and answers kindly and patiently.

We have all seen the hilarious effects of anesthesia on patients who may not remember what they did or said, after.  But thanks to the ever-ready camera phone, everything is recorded and could serve as proof.

Take the case of a patient who falls in love with her nurse and even starts planning their wedding!

The girl had surgery on a broken arm.  Her medications are making her high and she’s set her attention and affection on her nurse, Luke.    

She starts saying “I Love You” to Luke and when she says she’s scared, Luke patiently tells her that he is not going anywhere and to hold his hand. But then the girl gushes, “We’d be the cutest couple ever!” 

Luke takes it all in stride and even quips, “You’re gonna have fun watching this later.” 

The patient cannot be stopped from declaring her intentions…

Patient: “I love you so much.”

Nurse: “Well, thank you.”

Patient: “You should love me too!”

Nurse: “We just met today.”

Patient: “I know, but we’re getting married!”

Through it all, Luke patiently holds her hands while sweetly answering her pronouncements.  He quips, “This might go viral!”.

And when the patient details their all-blue wedding, he just duly noted all the plans, maintaining his sweetness and kindness. 

What a funny reaction to strong medicines!  Now, we wonder how the patient would react to the video after the anesthesia wanes.

Source: Inspire More

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