Fur Mom Wondering How Her Hair Ties Got Wet Discovers Cat’s Gross Pastime [Video]

Cat Gross Pastime wet hair ties

  • Arlo the cat is still as playful as he was when he was just a kitten.
  • His favorite playthings are his mom’s hair ties which he curiously dips in the water.
  • He was previously dipping them harmlessly in his water fountain, but he was recently caught dipping them somewhere he’s not supposed to!

Meet Arlo, a cat who hasn’t outgrown his kitten-like playfulness. He loves coming up with new games and finding new items that can be used as his toys.

Photo Credit: Meaghan James

His mom, Meaghan James, shared, “As soon as he wakes up, he’s ready to play.”

Arlo has since discovered his favorite toys: his mom’s hair ties. For over a year now, he has loved playing fetch with them, chewing on them, and simply batting them around.

Woman Wondering How Her Hair Ties Got Wet Discovers Cat's Gross Pastime
Photo Credit: Meaghan James

Aside from simply playing with the hair tie, Arlo had a strange fascination with dipping it in water.

He would put it in his water fountain and play with it while it was in the water. Perhaps he just loves trying to fish it out.

It wasn’t really a big issue, aside from Meaghan’s hair ties becoming wet.

But one day, Meaghan discovered that it wasn’t merely water from Arlo’s fountain that caused her hair ties to get wet.

Meaghan caught Arlo dipping a hair tie in the toilet! She admitted that it was pretty funny. But she has no idea how long Arlo has been dipping her hair ties in the toilet!

She wouldn’t deny Arlo his love of playing with hair ties, but he’s “no longer allowed to dip them in the toilet.”

“If he doesn’t fish them back out, I have to!” she added. “Now he’s encouraged to play in his water fountain.”

Photo Credit: Meaghan James

Everyone has since made sure to keep the toilet lid and the bathroom door closed at all times.

You can see more of Arlo’s shenanigans on TikTok.

Source: The Dodo

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