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10-year-old sells lemonade to help save Ukrainians



  • A 10-year-old boy opened a lemonade stand to raise funds for Ukrainians.
  • By the end of his first day selling lemonade, he has made $2,000. 
  • He also has a GoFundMe page, where he has raised $9,000.

Some claim the world is divided into two categories of people: spectators and upstanders.

Do we stand by and wring our hands when horrible things happen, wondering how someone so insignificant can make a difference? Or do we act, confident that even the tiniest act of compassion can help?

The answer is simple for Mac Connatser. Through and through, he’s an upstander.

Mac is just ten years old, but news reports depicting the awful tragedy and destruction caused by Russia’s invasion of Ukraine affected him so much that he decided to help. He searched around his Dallas, Texas community and found a way to aid from halfway around the world because he couldn’t go to Ukraine.

“I thought that I could do my part from here and I thought that would be the best way to set up a lemonade stand,” said Mac. 


Mac’s parents expected to spend more money on lemonade and supplies than Mac would make, but they were immediately proven wrong. When the youngster approached his grandma about opening a lemonade sale at her church, Royal Lane Baptist Church, the congregation was extremely generous. The first $100 donation was made by Mac’s grandmother!

Another churchgoer paid $30 for one glass of lemonade. Mac had earned approximately $2,000 for Save the Children’s Ukraine emergency fund by the end of the day. He also set up a GoFundMe page, where he has raised almost $9,000 so far.

credit: Aubrey Connatser

Mac said he’s really grateful and very happy with the thought that what he’s doing can help save lives.

Mac has committed to continue raising funds for children as long as the destruction in Ukraine persists. Mac’s family is naturally proud of their kid for taking steps to assist others.

“It’s heartwarming to have a kiddo that is this empathetic and generous,” said his mom, Aubrey Connatser.

credit: Aubrey Connatser

“It’s also devastating to watch what’s happening in Ukraine. So it’s bittersweet that Mac has taken on this task and that this weighs heavily on his heart. If you ever want a kid to react in an appropriate way to a tragic situation, I’ll take it. He’s a great kid. He always has been, and we’re super proud.”

Mac urges everyone who reads this story to dig deep into their pockets and give to support Ukrainian citizens. He encourages us to follow our hearts and to be upstanders wherever possible!


Source: Inspire More