12-year-old Boy Treats His Pup With An Enjoyable Sled Ride [Video]

  • Andrei, 12 years old, took out his dog Pufi during a snowstorm in Romania.
  • He attached a sled to his bicycle where Pufi can hop on and enjoy the chilly ride.
  • A video of the snowy happy ride was posted on Facebook and went viral, moving CERT Transilvania to gift the two with a brand new bike.

This snow ride could be the warmest thing there is in this winter time, a reminder of child-like happiness over the simplest of things.

In the empty streets in Romania, one little boy and his dog decided to go for a “walk” and play amid the snowstorm.

The 12-year-old kid, Andrei, wanted to have a chilly bike ride and tagged his pet along. He attached a sled to his bicycle, where his dog Pufi could hop on for a joyride — not minding the inclement weather as his fluffy coat had kept him warm.

Photo Credit: Alin Si Gina Abrudan/Facebook

The adventurous dog behaved well the entire short trip, balancing on the sled like a pro.

The duo caught the attention of the local community with a video of their cute activity, which was posted on Facebook and quickly went viral.

Moved by Andrei’s “dog sledding,” CERT Transilvania bought Andrei and Pufi a brand-new bike.

“Andrei and Pufi puppy conquered us hopelessly and reminded us of childhood when the simple things brought us the greatest joys: snow, a sled and a reliable friend next to you,” CERT Transilvania wrote on Facebook. “Today we also gave Andrei joy by giving him a brand-new bike, equipped with everything he needs for many years to come on the road to school or racing with Pufi.”

Photo Credit: CERT Transilvania/Facebook

Andrei and Pufi were so thrilled with the unexpected gift. They probably started thinking of what other happy rides they could have, in whatever season, together.

Source: The Dodo

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