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15 Sleepy Animals Catch Zs Anywhere, Anytime



Most animals are at their cutest when sleeping. Even wild animals look so sweet and transform into cute animals during shut-eye.

Just look at those toe beans, the soft purring, and the adorable snores. The exposed bellies! There’s a lot to love. Not to mention the fact that they only let their guard down when they feel safe. So if an animal let their guard down to sleep in your presence that means they feel safe and you should be honored.

1. We never would have thought to crash on top of a bunch of broom bristles, but okay!

Photo Credit: u/slimpedroca (Reddit)

2. Have you ever been so tired of exercise you just had to nap right there, on the spot? This guy has!

Photo Credit: u/emcas (Reddit)

3. They say “a man’s home is his castle.” Apparently, that idiom applies to cats, too.

Photo Credit: u/BikerHackerman2 (Reddit)

4. You haven’t lived until you’ve woken up to find a fox passed out on your skylight.

Photo Credit: u/1in7billion_ (Reddit)

5. When it comes to beds, he prefers his to be succulent.

Photo Credit: u/samehdw (Reddit)

6. No, that’s not a fancy fur stole… it’s just how his cat sleeps when he works from home.

Photo Credit: u/saveitforparts (Reddit)

7. We like to sleep with our feet sticking out of the blankets, too.

Photo Credit: u/Interkrmn (Reddit)

8. Who needs hedges when you can hog a whole bed?

Photo Credit: u/JhenyVers (Reddit)

9. We would rearrange our entire schedule just to avoid breaking up this cuddle-fest.

Photo Credit: u/donald1708 (Reddit)

10. He’s perfecting “corpse pose” in his yoga practice, clearly.

Photo Credit: Imgur

11. How could that possibly be comfortable?

Photo Credit: u/cadencecleo (Reddit)

12. Kitten found the purr-fect place to sleep. We’ll allow it!

Photo Credit: aliensdontdrinkcola (Imgur)

13. Call the boss and tell them you need a personal day. The squirrels nested on your window sill aren’t going to watch themselves all day!

Photo Credit: u/astacea (Reddit)

14. He’s sleeping in the “ready” position. He may look tired, but he’s poised for action!

Photo Credit: u/rosso2099 (Reddit)

15. You might live way up north if…

Photo Credit: u/DudeHeadAwesome (Reddit)

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