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Boy with autism only eats waffles that were discontinued, the company gives him the recipe



  • Jerico has autism and extreme eating aversion.
  • After suffering from an illness in February, his condition worsened and would only want to eat a specific kind of waffle — whose production was discontinued.
  • The manufacturer learned about this and sent all remaining stocks to Jerico!

Jerico, nine years old, has autism. He has had trouble eating as young as eight months old. Despite this, her mom Jenna, a single mom of three from Surrey, British Columbia, has managed a workaround on Jerico’s oral aversion and other eating struggles.

When Jerico however became sick in February, suspectedly with COVID-19, all of their progress in his eating habit went adrift. His refusal to eat for 12 days worsened his condition, a more frightening situation for his mom.

“When I was able to get him to start again, he had regressed so much he had to relearn how to drink and eat,” Jenna explained.

Jerico wanted to eat only one thing, though — a specific kind of maple cinnamon waffles.

Jenna thought she got her problem solved, only to find out that the product became unavailable due to manufacture issues. She did a lot of persuading and has successfully got her son to try a new kind: Nature’s Path organic maple cinnamon waffles.

Photo Credit: Global News CA

“I was so relieved that finally he accepted a new kind as I was almost out of the old kind,” Jenna wrote. “I was also happy it was a company that I thought was local so I wouldn’t have to go through that amount of stress again.”

Just when she thought that their waffle problem is solved, the single mom then again faced another challenge. Nature’s Path waffles had been discontinued.

Desperate, she launched a GoFundMe campaign, hoping she could buy a storage freezer and all the brand’s remaining stocks.

“Not everyone understands the severity of Jerico’s challenge and think that eventually he will just accept another kind but it doesn’t work like that,” she wrote on GoFundMe. “He would go on a hunger strike if I didn’t have his waffles.”

Photo Credit: Global News CA

The campaign reached the company, and it sent help in no time!

It checked their warehouses across North America and was able to locate the last cases of waffles in Illinois — which they sent straight to the Roman’s home in Canada.


But the company didn’t stop there, their research and development team got to work on a more permanent solution. They converted the recipe from massive batches down to a more family-friendly size.

They even promised that they would improve the recipe if it would taste different for Jerico!

Communications director Samantha Falk personally delivered the recipe to the family. She tweeted: “Remember the story of Jerico and the @NaturesPath Maple Cinnamon waffles? Well, I am so happy to say our incredible R&D Team was able to adapt our recipe for home use — and we delivered the recipe and all the ingredients to Jerico and his mom Jenna today. Bon appétit!”

Photo Credit: Global News CA

Thanks to this outstanding customer care. Nothing can come-between Jerico and his waffles again!

Source: Inspire More