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Woman Prepares Tiny Bed For The Squirrels Visiting Her Garden



  • Sharon Cutler handcrafted a tiny bed out of driftwood, and she decided to put up a place on her garden for squirrels to rest their paws.
  • She took a picture of the first squirrel visitor to stay inside the tiny suite she had prepared for them.  
  • The squirrel did not stay for the rest of the day, but the pictures are just too precious.

The life of a squirrel is probably tiring with all the jumping, the scurrying around for their endless search for nuts.

This will not be the case for squirrels visiting the Cutler’s backyard. There, squirrels will find a new place to rest their paws Sharon Cutler had prepared just for them.

The Dodo | Sharon Cutler

Sharon found one of the props she had made for pictures of her daughter’s guinea pig. One of the items that she rediscovered was a small bed that she handcrafted from pieces of driftwood.

From there, she decided to make use of the old prod and remodel the bed made of wood. This time, she would make with tiny linens to go with the bed and complete her set up. She placed the small bed in her garden to see if the squirrels that would pass by might enjoy it too.

Sharon is a landscape photographer from England. In her free time, she took one of her cameras and took pictures of the tiny bedroom in her garden. She was just in time for the first visitor to stay inside the suite. She named him Cyril.

The Dodo | Sharon Cutler

Sharon was pleased when the squirrel inspected the bed and laid out to take a nap in it. From the looks of it, what she had created seemed the perfect place for her tiny visitors to take their nap in.

The Dodo | Sharon Cutler

“Cyril the squirrel was so tired from a busy day in the garden,” Sharon wrote. “So it was time to say his prayers, plump up his pillow, fluff up his quilt, and jump in to bed.”

The Dodo | Sharon Cutler

The nap looked like it was necessary for the little visitor, but the squirrel did not stay for long. Cyril probably had chores to do for the rest of the day. The pictures of the squirrel on the tiny bed are just too precious.

The Dodo | Sharon Cutler

“I love photographing squirrels,” Sharon said. “Such cheeky, mischievous little characters.

Source: The Dodo