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A Happy Ending for ‘Chonky’ Scoliotic Cat [Video]



  • Pitoe the cat was brought to the vet by her owners to be put down because she had severe scoliosis.
  • The vets refused to put Pitoe down and adopted her instead.
  • The only thing that Pitoe cannot do is jump but she makes up for it by her sweet nature.

It’s crazy to think how close she was to being put down, and now she’s the love of my grandparents’ — and our entire family’s — life. It’s so worth it giving a special needs cat a chance!”

Cat and animal sanctuaries have difficulty placing animals with special needs.  But this special feline who was surrendered by his owners found love and her furever home.

Photo Credit: @pitoethecat (Instagram)

Reddit user Mari shares how the cat, Pitoe, came to live with her parents.

Pitoe has severe scoliosis.  Her vet said that her owners brought her to the clinic to be put to sleep as they feared no one would take on a kitty with a twisted spine. It was by fate that the vet that they brought her to, fell in love with Pitoe and instead of doing what the owners wanted, they decided to adopt her.

Photo Credit: @pitoethecat (Instagram)

Mari said, “My grandparents — who adore animals — had wanted a cat for a while but were afraid to get one, as they feared it might jump over the balcony of their apartment and harm itself.” But with Pitoes inability to jump, she was perfect for Mari’s grandparents.

Marie added that, “Pitoe is doing amazingly well with my grandparents and seems right at home in their apartment. She’s absolutely spoiled rotten, to be honest, as most of the day they are at home, so most of their attention goes to little Pitoe, and she’ll gladly accept it.”

Photo Credit: @pitoethecat (Instagram)

Pitoe gets all the love, all the veterinary care as she’s been adopted to a family of veterinarians, and gets around by running, waddling, and even climbing.  The only thing that she cannot do is jumping.  

She may appear like she’s carrying excess weight but it is her short spine that makes her rounder.  To prevent too much strain on her body, her vet parents even put her on a strict diet.

Pitoe’s Instagram page has now been swamped by followers all over the world as she has now become an online sensation after Mari’s post.

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