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Admirable Border Collie Gathers Plastic Bottles In Daily Walks For Recycling [Video]



  • A senior border collie has been gathering plastic bottles in his daily walks and recycling them with the help of his parents.
  • His green efforts have been shared by his parents on social media, earning him the nickname “ecodog”.
  • Scruff the dog has become an environmental hero which anybody can learn from and emulate.

Meet Scruff, the 13-year-old border collie that has been nicknamed the “eco dog”.

Yes, instead of collecting sticks, this clever dog collects plastic bottles and helps his mom and dad recycle them.

It started when his owners David Grant and Yvonne Faulkner-Grant took him for a walk.  Along the way, he would pick up sticks.  But his mom discouraged this behavior as she is scared that Scruff would have mouth splinters.  Scruff then began playing with plastic bottles.

He would grab the bottles with his mouth and when he sees another one, let go of what he has in his mouth and gather the new one.

Yvonne said, “It seemed wrong that he would pick the bottle up and then drop it again—we thought people would think we were dropping litter.”  So, what they did was teach him to bring the bottles to them and put them in a bag before counting them at the end of their walk.

Just this 2022, Scruff has gathered more than 1,000 bottles!

Photo Credit: SWNS

His proud parents have also shared Scruff’s green effort and is using the hashtag #scruffsbottlepatrol on social media.

Yvonne shared, “We get such a good reaction on Facebook where Scruff has been dubbed an eco-dog.”

His environmental campaign has made him loved by people who are happy to see him on the street.  Scruff’s mom says that he is an obedient and very friendly dog who now actively looks for the plastic bottles on his walks.

So far, Scruff and his parents are keeping the bottles on one side of the garden where it will be counted on New Year.  But in 2023, instead of recycling annually, they would be doing it every month.


His dad David said that the number of bottles vary from as little as one to 15 in a day, depending on how dirty the streets are.

Source: Good News Network