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Adorable: A group of elephants take a nap after long trek [Video]



  • A drone captured an elephant herd taking a nap from a long journey in the borders of Kunming, China.
  • Reports said that the 15 elephants came from their forest home, a nature reserve in southwest Yunnan.
  • These mammals receive A-level state protection in the country, including drones that are quietly monitoring them.

They may look super strong, indestructible giants, but they definitely get tired, too!

In the outskirts of Kunming, China, an elephant herd was dozing off and a drone captured that sweet, quiet rest time.

After a long journey all the way from their forest home — a nature reserve in southwest Yunnan — the elephants were seen having a break, taking a pause to rest. And we know they deserve it!

Photo Credit: New China TV/YouTube

Based on reports, the 15 elephants came from 500 kilometers (or about 300 miles) and their trek started last spring. It was unknown, though, why they’re on this journey.

The drone that captured this moment was from Chinese authorities, who have been quietly monitoring herd’s movements, as elephants receive A-level state protection in the country.

Roads are being blocked with construction trucks to keep the mammals away from crowded cities.

On online platforms, elephants have been becoming quite popular. Millions have tuned in to elephant livestreams on China’s second largest social media platform, Weibo. Their three calves charm viewers, and the one who was born during their epic journey leave them mesmerized.

These mammals seemed determined to reach their destination, no matter how far it may be. And that could be the reason why some have caused chaos by trampling everything in their path, crops and buildings included.


Nevertheless, these animals teach us one thing: to keep going.

Source: Sunny Skyz