Ball-Loving Dog has Surefire Way to Make Mom Play with Him

Ball-Loving Dog has Surefire Way to Make Mom Play with Him

  • Ball-loving Sydney just loves playing with her ball.
  • Full of puppy energy one morning, she constantly asked her mom to play with her, but she was enjoying her coffee.
  • Not wanting to stop playing, Sydney dropped her ball into her mom’s coffee mug!

Sydney is “obsessed with playing ball,” according to her mom, Liz Beauchamp. She’s simply filled with puppy energy, so she spends it by constantly asking her parents and four human siblings to throw her ball for her.

“When daylight savings ended in November, we had to purchase the glow-in-the-dark ball so she could continue to play,” Liz told The Dodo.

Photo Credit: Liz Beauchamp

The ball-loving dog was filled with energy one morning, so she kept asking for her ball to be thrown. But her mom was still trying to enjoy her morning coffee, and couldn’t keep throwing the ball over and over again.

So Liz had to tell Sydney to stop for a moment.

Liz shared, “I stuck her ball under the throw pillow and said, ‘No more ball.’ She whined and pawed at my hand but I tried to ignore her, hoping she would find something else to do.” 

But Sydney was still not done. She just had nothing else to do, so she did not accept no for an answer.

She quickly took the ball back from its hiding place and decided to give her mom no choice but to play with her.

Photo Credit: Liz Beauchamp

“She looked straight at me and dropped the ball in my still-warm cup of coffee,” Liz shared.

Her mom’s coffee splashed everywhere! But Sydney was not even a bit sorry. To make sure her mom knows what she means, she nudged the coffee mug with her nose.

She just wanted her mom to throw the ball for her.

Photo Credit: Liz Beauchamp

Liz had to talk about her and Sydney’s coffee misadventure when the rest of the family got out of bed. But knowing Sydney, none of them were the least bit surprised.

Liz shared that her husband even said, “Well, she is just a poor puppy. You should have thrown her ball.”

It seems like the whole family knows that Sydney always gets her way!

Liz may be missing her coffee break, but she couldn’t stay mad at Sydney so she just laughed it off.

Sydney is just being a puppy, after all, and she can always count on her family to play with her.

Source: The Dodo

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