BFFs find out they’re long-lost sisters

  • Julia Tinetti and Cassandra Madison met in 2013 and have become really close friends since then.
  • Despite the same past they share, Julia and Cassandra never thought they were actually real sisters until their DNA test results proved otherwise!
  • Through the DNA test, they were also able to find their relatives, and learned that they have other siblings too, whom their father gave up for adoption.

What a good twist of fate for two very close friends when they found out that they are, in fact, biological sisters!

Julia Tinetti and Cassandra Madison met way back 2013 while they were both working at a bar in Connecticut. They instantly hit it especially when they both learned their past, having been adopted and brought up by single parents.

Photo Credit: Cassandra Raquel Madison/Facebook

“I think adoptees understand other adoptees more than someone who’s not adopted,” Cassandra said. “So, it was just kind of like, ‘Sweet! I have somebody who understands.’”

Julia and Cassandra were from the Dominican Republic, and people thought they share the same blood, looking so alike in many ways. However, they both just shrugged it off until one day, Cassandra began getting more curious about her origins.

Photo Credit: iamcassandraraquel/Instagram

Cassandra then went on to find out about her birth family by using the 23andMe DNA test as a start. This move enabled her to reunite with her relatives. Not long after, she found out that her real dad had also another daughter whom he gave for adoption, and this made Cassandra very happy. She has a sister!

Feeling elated and overwhelmed, Cassandra went back to Connecticut and convinced Julia to take the DNA test as well.

“She was psycho,” Julia joked. “She put it in my face and said, ‘Spit in this right now.’”

It turned out that all of their friends who were asserting they were actually sisters were, in fact, 100% true because Julia’s DNA test results came out positive! Incidentally, Cassandra is Julia’s older sister!

Photo Credit: iamcassandraraquel/Tiktok

As the truth continued to unfold for sisters Cassandra and Julia — like finding out they have other more siblings who were also given away for adoption — they hold no grudges against their biological parents.

“Julia and I are not upset with our biological parents,” Cassandra explained. “We understand that they did the best they could with what they had.”

For bestfriends-turned-sisters, they were just so happy to have found each other.

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