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Big Brother Lets Her 3-Year-Old Sister With Cancer Shave His Head Like Hers



  • Lula was diagnosed with a cancerous tumor back in March so she underwent surgery and chemotherapy sessions to be free from it.
  • Just like other cancer patients undergoing chemo, Lula lost her hair.
  • To support her little sister, her brother let her shave his head like hers.

‘A brother is born for a time of adversity.’ You may have heard this aphorism many times and it always makes sense most of the time.

The presence of COVID-19 pandemic has been difficult as it is, and yet couple Kristin and Dakota Bowden from Texas, had to overcome another struggle on top of it all. It’s regarding their 3-year-old daughter, Lula Beth, who started feeling extreme stomach ache.

Photo Credit: Kristin Bowden

Kristin is a photographer and she has since been documenting Lula Beth’s health struggle, their family fights so hard as any family would.

“March 2020. The messiest month of our lives,” she said on a Facebook post. “Throughout March we visited different doctors’ offices at least six separate times. She was diagnosed with a UTI 2-3 times. RSV once. Flu-bug once. It just wasn’t adding up.”

Photo Credit: Kristin Bowden

It came to a point on March 23 when they already got desperate to find the real answers and had Lula Beth undergo more extensive tests in the emergency room, and the answer was totally heartbreaking—the little one had a cancerous tumor as big as the size of a football. 

“I will forever remember that feeling,” Kristin wrote. “Confusion. Heartbreak. The heaviest sadness. Denial. Shock. Scared. Numb. Completely numb.”

Photo Credit: Kristin Bowden

On March 26, the little girl underwent surgery for five hours and the doctors have succeeded in removing the tumor!

Two days later, they received the news that Lula Beth had stage 2 Wilms tumor, which is a little more manageable because it is “very curable and treatable.”

Photo Credit: Kristin Bowden

Still, no cancer fight is ever easy! Lula Beth had to have chemotherapy at a very young age for 22 weeks.

Kristin told Lula Beth she might need to shave her head so as to prepare her for the inevitable side effects of the therapy.

Photo Credit: Kristin Bowden

“To my surprise her reply was, ‘Let’s do it right now!’” Kristin said. “That’s my girl! 3 years old, not afraid of anything, and ready to tackle on any task and with such grace.”

Of course, her brother wouldn’t let her do that alone, so he too asked to have his head shaved. He even let her little sister do it to him.

Photo Credit: Kristin Bowden

“Best. Brother. Ever. Hands down!” Kristin said proudly.

“She teaches me so much daily. What matters, what does not. She is so strong and through this trial has been the light to our whole family. I strive to be more like her every single day. She is so brave. She is so strong. She isn’t letting anything get her down.”

Photo Credit: Kristin Bowden

Later in May, Lula Beth completed her therapy sessions and was clear in the first scan. She’s now nursing back to health. It is the love and care of her family and friends that made the little girl stronger!

Source: Inspire More