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Billie Eilish Surprises 16-Yr-Old Who Cares For Her Mom And Brother [Video]




  • A 16-year-old girl from the UK is already responsible for taking care of two people: her mom and brother.
  • Billie Eilish surprises the girl to show her love and praise for taking care of her family.
  • Marissa, after a visit from her idol, says she does not feel alone anymore.

Marissa is a 16-year-old girl with too much responsibility on her plate.

She has become responsible for the full-time care of her mother who is now in a wheelchair after having both legs amputated because of type 2 diabetes. This is on top of looking after her brother, who has a severe learning disability.

Marissa goes to school at the same time. She always finds herself in a bit of a pickle juggling the number of chores and the weight of her academic workload. The one thing that has always gotten Marissa through these tough times is listening to music, especially to Billie Eilish’s.


Capital FM’s morning show “Capital Breakfast” with host Roman Kemp has invited Marissa to share what is it like for her to handle the sheer volume of responsibility she finds herself carrying.

There, she tells her story and how being in this position sometimes makes her lonely.

 “I have lovely friends but they don’t understand,” she said. “They’re not young carers so they’re not in my position. They can’t relate to me but they can always be there to support me if I’m down but they’re never gonna really know what it’s like to be in my shoes.”

Marissa went on telling a story of how she manages to cope with the situation. She says that even though she has never met Billie Eilish, she relates to her music and this is how she makes herself better on a bad day.


She admires how the singer is always in her most genuine state, this her look up to the singer even more. What she did not know is that while she was saying all of this, her idol had snuck up behind to surprise her!


The singer was standing behind Marissa for a good 30 seconds before Kemp asked, “Do you know that Billie Eilish is standing right behind you?” to reveal the big surprise.

Marissa had to process what was said for a second before turning to look at her back. Her jaw fell, stunned silence as she wiped away tears, almost not believing what is happening.  

When she found herself able to speak again, she described how much this visit meant to her.

As for the singer, Marissa deserved all the love and praise for taking care of her family. What a way to show us how to use your fame for good, Billie Eilish!


“Overall, I’m just grateful,” Marissa said. “Life is hard. It’s so hard, and I have moments where I’m like, ‘I can’t do this anymore.’ But then, you’re not alone.”

Lastly, thank you to heroes like you Marissa, for being one for both your mom and your brother.

Source: Inspire More