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Bird With Anxiety has Found Love with Her New Dad Who Previously Did Not Want Her At All [Video]



  • Eve’s husband was not really open to adopting a new pet.
  • It took some good convincing for Eve to have her husband agree to have Fefe become part of the family.
  • After a few weeks though, the two became best friends and are now inseparable.

Sometimes, the ones who say they don’t want a pet end up being the most loving.

Just like Eve Butler’s husband. He didn’t ever want to care for a new pet—until he met a Goffin cockatoo who was suffering from anxiety so badly that she hurt herself by plucking off her feathers.

Fiona, or Fefe as she is now named, is a 16-year-old rescue bird. After being caged for so long, she formed a habit of going around in circles and removing her feathers whenever she’s stressed out.

But Eve fell instantly in love with her when she saw her at the Parrot Outreach Society in Punta Gorda, Florida.

Photo Credit: fefe_the_cutest_gofin (Instagram)

Eve went home to ask her husband’s permission but he was indifferent about it. He was not interested at all to have a new pet at home.

After some convincing, he finally agreed — and thus, a beautiful story began!

Initially, he would just ignore the bird. It took a few weeks before he finally accepted Fefe to be part of the family—and as it turned out, the bird developed a liking for him too.

“She loves my husband,” Eve said. “He’ll sit on the couch and give her a foot massage. And she loves it. You can just see it in her. She just goes into dreamy land.”

Now, the pair have become inseparable. Fefe would follow Eve’s husband wherever he goes—even when he goes swimming in their family pool.


He, too, likes Fefe very much now. He would feed her treats by hand and they take naps together.

Photo Credit: fefe_the_cutest_gofin (Instagram)

“If my husband goes outside… she’ll tap on the glass window. If my husband swims around the pool, she’ll walk all the way around the entire pool. She is really obsessed with him. She gets on the raft and he takes her for a little ride. Whatever he’s doing, she wants to be part of that experience,” Eve said.

Photo Credit: fefe_the_cutest_gofin (Instagram)

It was a delight to see Fefe happy! The barely-feathered bird can now fly and walk freely—as any bird should.

You can follow the pair’s incredible friendship on her Instagram account.

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