Bizarre Photo of “Two-Headed Dog” Has People Confused

dog siblings create optical illusion

  • Kai and Skala are siblings who are so inseparable that they sometimes seem to fuse into one two-headed dog.
  • They were play fighting one day when their dad Joe captured a photo that had the online world scratching their heads.
  • The photo was so perfectly timed that the siblings looked like a monster with two heads and one mouth!

Meet Kai and Skala. These German shepherd/husky mixes are siblings and the best of friends. They have become so inseparable that sometimes the pair is like a two-headed dog!

Photo Credit: Reddit/BeanzMeanzBranston

Their dad, Joe, says that Kai may be dopey but he is the instigator. He likes grabbing Skala by the tail when she’s sleeping to challenge her to a play fight. Skala, meanwhile, has a bark worse than her bite.

One day, the siblings were doing just that when Joe captured a perfectly timed picture. Looking back at it, the photo looked bizarre — its confusing perspective made an optical illusion.

Joe shared the photo on Reddit with the caption, “My dogs share a mouth sometimes.”

The caption made it clear that the photo was of two dogs, but many Reddit users still struggled to understand what they were seeing. For some, they could only see one two-headed dog.

Reading through the comments, Joe learned that while some people can see the two dogs distinctly, others think it’s a camera trick or Photoshopped.

“I just happened to catch [them at] the perfect time,” he explained. “The key is to zoom in on the front teeth. You can see the overlap of the jaws there.”

Bizarre Photo of "Two-Headed Dog" Has People Confused
Photo Credit: Reddit/BeanzMeanzBranston

Still, some people continued to struggle to tell the two dogs apart.

One comment read, “I feel like if this was some type of IQ test… I most definitely failed,” while another wrote, “I mean, I knew there were [two] dogs. I just still can’t tell where each of them begins or ends.”

To make things easier for everyone, another Reddit user gave the dogs separate colors to distinguish their outlines.

Bizarre Photo of "Two-Headed Dog" Has People Confused
Photo Credit: Reddit/HELLRAISERL33T

The photo, bizarre though it may be, just goes to show how life is never dull for Joe. Thanks to Kai and Skala, there is no shortage of excitement around.

Joe shared, “They love to run, then they love to sleep. They’re intelligently disobedient. They know what you’re saying, but that doesn’t mean they’re gonna listen.”

If that odd picture wasn’t enough, here’s another proof that two heads are better than one:

Bizarre Photo of "Two-Headed Dog" Has People Confused
Photo Credit: Reddit/BeanzMeanzBranston

Source: The Dodo

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