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Brave Woman Saves Stranded Possum from Busy Highway [Video]



Quick Smiles:

  • Karenlynn Stracher, a wildlife rescuer, saved a possum stranded on a highway median strip, braving traffic to get to the creature.
  • Without police assistance to halt traffic, Stracher waited for a break in the traffic before quickly crossing the road to secure the possum.
  • Following a successful rescue operation, Stracher confirmed that the possum was unharmed, and she was able to release it in a safe, natural habitat.

Karenlynn Stracher, a dedicated wildlife rehabilitator and rescuer, is always ready to step in when animals are in distress.

Recently, she received a message about a possum stranded on a median strip of a busy highway.

Without wasting time, Stracher rushed to the scene to aid the helpless creature.

On arrival, Stracher saw the possum perched fearfully on the median, trapped between the bustling traffic lanes.

Generally, Stracher would ask local police for help in halting the traffic momentarily to facilitate a safe rescue.


However, the local authorities weren’t able to assist on this occasion, necessitating a more cautious approach.

“I got all of my equipment ready, and then I watched traffic patterns for a few minutes,” Stracher recounted to The Dodo.

“When I saw a break in traffic long enough for me to cross to the median, I took the opportunity.”

Braving the busy highway, Stracher managed to reach the median.

Aware that she probably had only one chance to secure the frightened possum, she seized her moment.

Wrapping the small marsupial in a fleece blanket, she carefully carried it back across the highway to her vehicle. The rescue operation was successful.


Once the possum was safe, Stracher took it home to examine for any injuries. Understandably frightened and eager to return to the wild, the possum was less than receptive to her efforts.

Thankfully, after a thorough check, Stracher confirmed that the possum was unharmed and found a suitable location to release it.

“I’m happy that he has a place nearby that is safe and provides him access to water and natural foods,” Stracher expressed.

The possum, back in his natural habitat, is undoubtedly relieved that the harrowing experience is behind him.

With a bit of luck, he won’t find himself stranded in the middle of a highway ever again.