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Bulldog’s Hilarious Fear of “Box Monsters”



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  • An online video starring an English bulldog named Pancake is causing laughter and joy due to her unique fear of “box monsters.”
  • Pancake’s fear manifests when she encounters large, unfamiliar boxes, which she humorously perceives as threatening.
  • Despite her apprehension, Pancake demonstrates her playful side by turning into the “Box Monster” herself when interacting with smaller, familiar boxes.

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In a world that’s constantly in need of laughter, Pancake the English bulldog entered the scene. This two-year-old bundle of mirth and sweetness has captured the internet’s attention, all thanks to her amusing fear of “box monsters.”

“Pancake is a 2-year-old English bulldog who is sweet, sassy, and funny. She has a complicated yet hilarious relationship with inanimate objects, particularly boxes,” Pancake’s owner shared.

The owner further explained that Pancake gets especially uncomfortable around large boxes located in unfamiliar places, which led to the running joke that Pancake sees these as “box monsters” placed to scare her.

A TikTok video, shared under the username thebabypancake, features Pancake hesitantly peering down the stairs with her food bowl at the bottom seeming less appealing than usual. The camera soon reveals the source of her anxiety – large, threatening boxes sitting ominously on the landing.


Several factors can trigger fear in dogs – lack of socialization, negative past experiences, or the dog’s individual temperament. In Pancake’s case, her endearingly authentic fear of unfamiliar, large boxes has won the hearts of netizens.

However, Pancake’s owner was quick to assure that Pancake isn’t always so timid.

“Pancake also wants to clarify that she’s not always fearful! She’s actually quite comfortable around familiar, small, or empty boxes. In those situations, she even transforms into the ‘Box Monster,’ hilariously playing with these once-dreaded objects.”

Pancake’s playful personality is on full display when she’s amidst smaller, familiar boxes. She turns the tables and becomes the ‘Box Monster,’ amusingly interacting with these formerly feared items. Her antics, whether inspired by fear or playfulness, have gained the affection of an increasing online audience.


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