Cat And Mom’s Reunion Makes Us Wonder Who’s Been Slicing Onions [Video]

  • TikTok user @brigitte_the_realtor went on vacation for over a month.
  • Her beloved pet cat stayed with her friend and their reunion has viewers teary-eyed.
  • The video shows her with her cat who steadily licks her forehead to welcome her back.

Have you ever been on an assignment, working trip or vacation that took you away from your beloved pet? 

You say that the internet allows you to check in on them through video calls and facetime.  But does it feel the same as face-to-face?  There is a tug in your heart that urges you to come home and be with your baby, right?

TikTok user @brigitte_the_realtor can attest to the warm feeling of “there’s no place like home and back in your loved one’s arms” as she picks up her cat from her friend’s house.  She wrote in the caption, “Reunited with my bestie.” 

As she carries her cat, the feline keeps on licking her forehead and the haunting strains of Turning Page by Sleeping At Last is playing.  The onscreen caption reads: “My friend took care of my cat for over a month while I was traveling and this is us reuniting. She’s ready to come home.” 

Photo by Sasha Kim

One cannot help but say, “Aaawwwwwwww” and maybe feel your heartstrings getting tugged at the touching scene.

The cat’s expression and embrace seem like it’s saying, “please don’t leave me again, mom.”

As @mamabee.xo wrote, “Oh my heart, I’m crying,” while @pamjohnsonhair quipped, “I don’t know why I have water coming out of my eyes,”.  @aliiimckenzie added, “The feeling of your cat knowing you would never hurt them and having that trust is the best,” which @jenniferoneill21 seconded with, “I could never leave my wee girl, hate even staying a night away but seeing this makes me realize they love you, no matter what. Thank you.”

Photo by Ege Meşe on Unsplash

Going home and being welcomed so sweetly by a beloved pet is one of the most heartwarming feelings there is.

So go ahead, shed a tear.  It is happy tears for a longed-for reunion. 

Source: Pet Helpful

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Tears in my eyes; tomorrow my purring cuddle pal who snuggles up next to me and gives me kisses like the kitty in the video is scheduled to go to the vet for euthanasia. He’s over 18 years old with kidney disease, is skin and bones, losing control of his bowels and is weak and in pain. I don’t know if I can take him in, knowing it will be to end his life, but yet it kills me to see him suffering and deteriorating everyday. So hard to be a pet parent and have to deal with losing a friend who trusts you and loves you unconditionally ….I feel like I’m betraying that trust. So hard.

I suffered with something very similar with my cat baby, a number of years ago. It was very difficult, but remember, you’re doing the best thing for him, and he’s BEGINNING his new life without pain or illness, and will be very happy playing in the most beautiful place imaginable, with other animals … until the day you see him again!