Cat Falls From 50-Foot Building And Lands Safely On His Uncle’s Arms [Video]

  • Turks are known for their love of cats and would go to great lengths to care for them.
  • When Özgür Anlı saw his sister’s cat dangling from a 50-foot-high window, he immediately stood under it and hoped to catch the cat.
  • The cat fell safely into Anlı’s arms and sustained no injuries, preserving its nine lives.

If you ever get to be in Istanbul in Turkey, you will get to see how they care for their cats.  Food and water bowls are placed in front of stores and establishments so the feline population will not get hungry or thirsty.  Small cat houses are even provided for the city’s cat residents. You can say everyone contributes to the welfare of the felines. To say that the Turks are in love with cats would be an understatement.

And they would do anything to keep their kitties safe.  Just like Özgür Anlı.

He was having tea with a friend when something caught his attention across the street where his sister’s apartment was located.  A cat was hanging from an open window around 50 feet up high.  On closer inspection, it was his sister’s cat, Latte! 

The kitty somehow managed to slip out of the window and was in danger of falling down any minute.  Anlı could not let that happen.  He immediately ran and positioned himself under the window.  A surveillance video would show Anlı waiting for the cat to fall so that he could catch it.

And when Latte lost her grip, she fell straight into Anlı’s arms! 

Photo Credit: Özgür Anlı

Anlı hugged the cat lovingly and in relief that Latte was safe. He said, “I opened my arms as a reflex. I started to love the cat after I caught her.”

Fortunately, Latte did not suffer any injury. Anlı had saved her from harm.

As for Anlı’s sister, she was shocked that Latte had gotten away from their window and fell!  Thanks to her brother Anlı, her beloved Latte is safe and sound.

The grateful owner has now taken measures so that Latte would not be able to slip through the window again.  For her and Latte, Anlı is a hero.

Source: The Dodo

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