Cat’s Reaction After Smelling Newborn Baby Is Just Over The Top [Video]

Cat had unexpected reaction to newborn baby

  • A Ragdoll cat’s family decided to introduce her to their newborn baby.
  • The meeting didn’t go as planned, however, since the cat disliked the baby’s scent so much.
  • The cat had to excuse herself and go to a different room to express her disgust.

Have you ever had the pleasure to take in the scent of a newborn baby? Some just love their fresh, “new” scent. Others say they smell a bit sweet and slightly cheesy, perhaps because they’re only consuming milk. One cat knew exactly what she thought of the smell and made a dramatic show of it.

Check out how this Ragdoll cat reacted to meeting her newborn baby sibling for the first time.

The cat had to excuse herself after taking a few sniffs of the baby. She disliked the scent so much that she threw up!

Her family found it unexpected but also hilarious. The video caption read, “Introducing our newborn to our cat didn’t go as planned.”

TikTok viewers also found humor in the situation. One user, @rachelcocoa5, wrote, “LMAO! Why are domestic animals so dramatic?” Another viewer, @slaaaaaade, noticed how the cat’s human “immediately knew the cat was gonna throw up” and found it “so funny.”

Other viewers noticed that the cat was at least gracious enough to excuse herself and put distance between her and the baby before she did her thing.

Photo Credit: TikTok/caydencazier

“At least she had the decency to walk away beforehand,” wrote TikTok user @moonlightmiamaybe. Another comment from user @roneisha.taylor read, “She had the respect to go to the other room.”

The cat may have found the baby’s scent disgusting, but she was considerate enough not to throw up in front of everyone.

With a growing number of wholesome videos showing cats warming up to babies, you’d think this one would go that way, too — but this cat’s reaction definitely took an extreme turn!

Source: Pet Helpful

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