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Cat Is So Obsessed With Mouse Toys His Mom Ordered A Boxful [Video]



  • The first time Melinda met a cat named Doc, she knew he would be part of the family.
  • It was love at first sight and she adopted him right away even if she knows the feline can be very obsessed with his toys.
  • Recently, Melinda ordered a box full of mouse toys for Doc and the fur baby was so happy with them!

Melinda Hollyfield knew instantly that Doc was meant to be part of the family the first time they met at the Puurrrfect Paws Rescue in Tennessee. She also knew at first sight that the cat was obsessed with his mouse toys.

“His cage was a disaster, food everywhere, because he had been attempting to play with his mouse toy in the cage,” Melinda told The Dodo. 

Video Credit: Melinda Hollyfield

It was love at first sight and the decision to adopt him was easy to make. Since then, little Doc has been getting the attention he needs, cuddles, caresses, snuggles, treats, and all the care and love he deserves. After six months, he is still as playful as he always was and was still in love with mouse toys.

“He plays with his mouse toys daily,” Melinda said. “We’ve gone through a selection of toys, but the inexpensive furry mouse toys are always his favorite.” 

Photo Credit: Melinda Hollyfield

His excessive playing with his mouse toys gets them destroyed every time — like 2-3 toys per week.

“I still keep finding destroyed ones in places,” Melinda said. “I feel like he hides them from me because he knows I’ll throw them away.”

Video Credit: Melinda Hollyfield

But recently, Melinda found out that the fur baby had discovered a way to retrieve the destroyed mouse toys from the trash. In order to make it upto her, Melinda decided to order online a box with 60 mouse toys for her!

When the toys arrived, Doc was so surprised and so happy to see them that he was even unable to move at first!

“He was so overwhelmed,” Melinda said. “He had no idea what was happening. He kept looking at one and then another and once they all dropped out, he went wild. I think he sat there and stared at them in disbelief for a minute or so.” 

Melinda hopes the new toys would make Doc forget about the destroyed ones in the trash. Although for sure, her mom would always buy her unlimited mouse toys if needed. 

Source: The Dodo