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This Cat Keeps Visiting Just to Watch Videos



  • Rex is not Ruth Hullet’s cat but he visits her every afternoon to watch videos.
  • Rex is even picky when it comes to the videos and Ruth can only give in to his demand.
  • Since Ruth is moving soon, she will miss Rex and their adorable routine.

Ruth Hulett did not know where the cat came from, but when he entered her house one day, the sneaky feline came in with confidence — as if it was his house. Pretty soon, the duo started a routine of watching videos together.

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Photo Credit: Ruth Hullet

Ruth recalled, “He was a bit of a bull in a china shop, knocking over my coffee and a lamp. I thought I’d try to distract him with videos for cats, and it worked!” 

The videos on her laptop seem to have intrigued the cat. It definitely helped keep the cat off any acts of mischief. Thus began his daily afternoon visits to watch videos. They have fun watching and getting to know each other in the process. But the cat certainly decides which videos to view.

Ruth learned that the cat is picky and does not like rat videos but loves mice.

Photo Credit: Ruth Hullet

“The bird ones are his favorites. If I stop the video, he bats me with his soft little paws,” she added. 

Ruth thinks that her new neighbor must own the cat as he started appearing when they moved in. She wonders if they know of his daily video-watching get-together with her. 

In her post on Facebook she said, “His owners think he’s out prowling around, getting in touch with his inner mountain lion. Instead, he’s hanging with me, watching cat Netflix.”

Photo Credit: Ruth Hullet

It turns out that the picky feline’s name is Rex and he really did belong to the new family. As Ruth is soon moving, she plans to get in touch with them and tell them of the double life that Rex has been living.

Ruth is going to miss the routine with Rex and she is sure that the cat will miss it too. But sneaky as Rex is, she believes he’ll be quick to befriend and entertain the next neighbor and trick them into watching videos, too.

Source: The Dodo