Cat loves toy frog so much her family gets her a whole army of them

mochi kitty loves toy frog so much she now has an army

  • When a family friend bought a toy frog for Choco the kitten, it was his sister Mochi who loved it.
  • Mochi loved the toy frog so much that her family decided to get her a whole army of them!
  • Her family loves taking pictures of Mochi surrounded by the tiny green stuffed toys, and the pictures look super adorable!

A few months after cat siblings Choco and Mochi were adopted, their new family’s friend got Choco a toy frog. Choco didn’t show much interest, but Mochi loved it, so she claimed it as her own.

Photo Credit: Instagram/mochikittyfrog

Mochi grew more and more fond of the toy frog. She loved playing fetch with it, cuddling it, and knocking it over whenever she saw it.

She loved the toy so much that her family decided to get her more.

She even started bringing them to her parents in the middle of the night, and they would wake up to a frog trail!

Over time, her parents got her more and more toy frogs.

Now, she has a whole army of them!

Photo Credit: Instagram/mochikittyfrog

Mochi never grew tired of the toy frogs, so her family continued to indulge her.

They now love sharing pictures of her surrounded by her frog army!

Photo Credit: Instagram/mochikittyfrog

Their parents clearly think it’s hilarious and adorable at the same time.

Photo Credit: Instagram/mochikittyfrog

Mochi loves chasing the toy frogs all over and batting them away, but she also loves cuddling with them.

Photo Credit: Instagram/mochikittyfrog

She really looks like the queen of the frog army!

While Choco was never interested in the frogs like Mochi is, he has his own quirk. He loves playing fetch with any red ball, says his family.

Mochi’s obsession with her frogs seems like it will continue, so her family continues to support her rule over their kingdom.

Want more pictures of Mochi and her frog army? Check out herΒ Instagram.

Source: The Dodo

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