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Cat Mom Wonders “Why Am I Tired, Pussycat?” [Video]



  • A cat fur mom is wondering why she wakes up tired after sleeping.
  • A video with night vision captured how her cat Ginger wakes her up several times during the night for meowing and snuggles.
  • Hilarious video goes viral on Tiktok and earns suggestions not to sleep with Ginger which she refuses to do.

On a mission to determine why she wakes up tired, Susie Allan decided on setting up a video camera with night vision.

You see, for almost 16 years of her cat Ginger’s life, they have been sleeping together.  She was wondering if the tabby had anything to do with her tiredness.

Allan said that Ginger loves attention. Ginger spends most days with her when she is working in and around the house. She added, “He loves his cuddles day or night.”


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And so, when she viewed the video recording, she found out that Ginger wakes her up for snuggles and meowing.

In the footage, Ginger paws her to wake her up.  And when he does not get a response, he’ll paw her again. Sometimes, he unsheathes his claws and paws Allan!

Allan said, “I wanted to see just how many times this happened during the night, and I was astonished that it went on for so long. It was fascinating to watch that he meows at me.”

Photo Credit: @susieandmollie (TikTok)

Ginger has a set goal: set his mom’s arm free and snuggle on it. Once he gets to accomplish that, he’ll snooze for around two hours, and then go back for more snuggles.

Finding the video evidence hilarious, Allan shared the video on Tiktok and it gained an enormous number of views and reactions! Some suggested locking Ginger out of her room so she can sleep well but they do not know that Ginger knows how to open doors.  And that Ginger refuses to be locked out of any room.  And just like other cats, would stand guard even in the bathroom.

In spite of the tiredness from countless interrupted sleep, Allan would not have it any other way.  She still prefers sharing her bed with Ginger as his body warmth helps her doze off.   

Photo Credit: @susieandmollie (TikTok)

Allan said, “I love the little ginger floof and am happy when he wants to cuddle. Maybe I sleep better with cat cuddles.”

Source: The Dodo