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Cat siblings love hiding behind doors to scare each other [Video]



  • Cat siblings PP and Want have been trying to scare each other as a prank.
  • It started when PP kept hiding behind a door only to pounce at Want when he came near.
  • Soon enough, Want got his revenge when he pulled a similar suprise!

Pranks are a given when it comes to siblings. Cat siblings PP and Want scored lots of fans over footage of them scaring each other like human siblings.

In the first video shared in April, PP can be seen “practicing his jump scares.” The TikTok clip shows the ragdoll hiding behind the door as he waits to surprise Want when he walks by.

Another video shared over the weekend showed that Want has been plotting his revenge.

Their owner wrote in the video’s text overlay, “So I’ve noticed the cats have been trying to scare each other behind the door.” The caption added, “Want’s had it with PP scaring him, so Want’s doing it back.”

Want waited patiently for the right time to jump out at PP — and scare him he did!


want’s had it with pp scaring him so want’s doing it back ♬ Carmina Burana: O fortuna – Seiji Ozawa

The video of Want’s revenge has been viewed over 5.6 million times!

Viewers can’t help but fall in love with the cat siblings and their jumpscare pranks.

One viewer wistfully dreamed about what’s it like “to be a cat living with another cat.” Others compared the siblings’ game to hide and seek, while another praised the cats for their patience in waiting for that perfect jumpscare moment.

Photo Credit: TikTok/ppandwant

Other pet parents shared how their furry loved ones do this too, as well as other games like tag.

One cat parent said that they play the game with their cat, who “even uses the mirror on the closet to see where I am.” Another cat parent shared that they even join in and help out when they spot one of their pets trying to scare the other.

Cat siblings love hiding behind doors to scare each other
Photo Credit: TikTok/ppandwant

These cat siblings are just the cutest!

Source: Pet Helpful