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Cat Still Sleeps In The Bed She Once Shared With Her Best Friend Bunny Who Passed Away



  • Echo the bunny and Ahsoka the kitty’s bond started the moment that they met.
  • The two friends just want to snuggle and cuddle all day.
  • Even after Echo’s death, Ahsoka still sleeps in the bed that they shared.

Friendships last a lifetime and when one is gone, the memories linger and are cherished by the one who is left behind.

Echo and Ahsoka shared a wonderful friendship.  When they first met, Echo was a 5-year-old rescue bunny while Ahsoka was a 12-week-old kitty.

They quickly became best buddies with Ahsoka preferring the bunny’s company instead of her siblings.  She enjoyed cuddling with Echo.

Photo Credit: Ryanne Palermo

Ryanne Palermo, Echo and Ahsoka’s mom said, “We thought having siblings would be great [for Ahsoka] and they’d be together, and it would all be grand. But she chose the bunny over her own [littermates] and bonded to Echo instead.”

Echo was protective of Ahsoka and would only allow the kitty to enter his cage. And because Echo ruled the house, all the animals were scared of him.  Together, the two were known as Echo the King and Ahsoka the Queen.

They can be found cuddling together when they are not watching TV with their mom.

Photo Credit: Ryanne Palermo

For Echo, it was always “snuggle time” between them and their mom and dad.

Palermo said that Echo and Ahsoka brought so much joy to their lives.  She added, “Seeing them together and so bonded always just made us so happy and made our hearts full.”


So, when Echo passed away in July, it would tug at her heart when they would find Ahsoka sleeping in the bed that she and Echo used to share.

Photo Credit: Ryanne Palermo

Palermo said, “They were always snuggling and sleeping together. She enjoyed playing with his ears, too. She was always gentle and he seemed to love it.”

For now, there are no plans to rescue another bunny but they know that when they do, “Queen” Ahsoka would be showing the new bunny what she learned from her King Echo and maybe even cuddle, too.

Source: The Dodo