Caught On Camera: FedEx Driver Farts While Petting Cat


  • Viewers can’t help but laugh at an embarrassing situation caught online.
  • A FedEx driver was playfully petting a cat during a delivery when he suddenly farted loudly.
  • The customer and the viewers commended the driver for apologizing after.

Letting out a loud fart within earshot of people has long been considered embarrassing or funny. But now that there are cameras everywhere, there’s a huge chance that such a situation will be captured on camera and shared online for everyone to see over and over again.

That’s what happened to a FedEx driver during delivery. The video’s text overlay read, “I thought this was a sweet moment with my cat and then… wait for it.”

In a TikTok clip shared by a customer, we can see the driver setting down a package before bending down to pet the cat. He then let out a very loud fart, after which he stood up and backed away. He then apologized to the cat, saying, “Excuse me, I’m so sorry.”

The video has been viewed over 2.7 million times.

Viewer ellawatchestv_ noted, “the cat looking at him after is killing me.” Viewer renizzay joked, “the cat was like Woah you purr too?”

One comment from TikTok user Cynthia T read, “Hey. He apologized. A real gentleman.” The video poster replied, “Five-star delivery.” Joanne L Scott agreed, “The way he apologized to the cat that man’s a keeper.”

Photo Credit: TikTok/Meg

Some viewers noted the loud sound and expressed concern. A user called you don’t need to know commented: “Poor guy! It sounded like his stomach was hurting,” while Cat Lady | Mauren Sparrow wrote, “I am cackling. it sounded so wet.”

Farting is a part of digestion that “reflects the activity of the bacteria in your gut,” according to Healthline. On average, a normal person farts between five and 15 times a day. Meanwhile, farting over 20 times a day means excessive flatulence.

Farts can be silent or loud, odorless or stinky, which can be due to several reasons. Smelly farts are usually caused by a high-fiber diet, food intolerance, medications, constipated, bacterial buildup in the digestive tract, or, very rarely, colon cancer.

Excessive flatulence can also be caused by stress, chewing gum, eating sweets, drinking alcohol, or smoking.

Source: Newsweek

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