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Charming Cockapoo Nods “Yes” When Asked If She Misses Her Owners [Video]



Quick Smiles:

  • Luna the mini cockapoo won hearts with her adorable nod when asked by her owner if she misses her humans when they’re away.
  • The viral video of Luna has garnered over 4.1 million views, with comments praising her perceptiveness and understanding.
  • Luna’s owner, Jared Davis, regularly shares videos of her on social media, leading to her rising fame as one of the internet’s top celebrity dogs.

It’s the question that has puzzled pooch parents for generations: “Do our furry friends miss us when we’re gone?”

Fortunately, Luna the mini cockapoo has offered a captivating and heartfelt answer.

In a recent video that has caught the internet by storm, Luna is seen giving an unequivocal nod of the head, indicating she does indeed miss her human parents when they step out.

In the heartwarming video watched over 4.1 million times, pet owner Jared Davis poses the question to Luna as they sit together in the car.

“Hey Luna, when mommy and daddy go out, do you miss us?”

After a brief pause for thought, Luna appears to nod in agreement, melting hearts across the globe.


This fascinating canine interaction has prompted a deluge of comments from viewers applauding Luna’s perceptiveness.

One awestruck viewer wrote, “I swear that dog has been on this Earth before.”

Another enthused, “Smart dogs know.”

But according to Davis, this level of understanding isn’t unusual for Luna, who seems to grasp every word he says.

“Luna came into our life March 7, 2020… The timing couldn’t have worked out better given the pandemic had just started,” Davis shared, adding that she’s been a constant source of joy and companionship.


Her favorite activities include a good game of fetch and cuddling with her human parents.

Davis, a marketing executive, credits his profession for Luna’s online success.


He said, “When I got Luna, I started making videos for fun and then next thing you know we’ve blown up into one of the top celebrity dogs on the internet!”

With her adorable head nods and her sweet disposition, Luna’s journey into internet stardom seems to be just the beginning.

While Luna herself was unavailable for comment, we’re sure she’s happily wagging her tail at her newfound fame.