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Cheeky Cat Gets Caught “Cheating” With The Neighbor



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  • A cat owner from Melbourne, Australia shared a hilarious video showcasing his cat’s cheeky exploits with his neighbor.
  • The video, which shows the cat contentedly sleeping on a neighbor’s porch, quickly gained over 1.1 million views and 140,800 likes on TikTok.
  • Interestingly, this “cheating” behavior is not unique to this particular cat, with several other pet owners sharing similar stories of their cats showing affection to neighboring households.

Anyone else’s cat cheat on them with a neighbour??? Sometimes my cats find their way into other people’s houses lol #fyp #tiktok #australia #bengals #catsoftiktok #melbourne #catlover #cattok #chugsandoscar

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A charming feline from Melbourne, Australia, humorously labeled a “cheater” by its owner, has captivated the vast audience of social media. This cat was caught in the act, peacefully resting on a neighbor’s porch, delighting numerous TikTok users.

The video, posted by the cat’s owner under the username, amused viewers as the feline, otherwise known as Chugs, is coaxed away from the neighbor’s welcoming couch. The caption jokingly reads, “When you find your cat sleeping on someone else’s porch… Anyone else’s cat cheat on them with a neighbor??? Sometimes my cats find their way into other people’s houses lol.”

While dogs are commonly known as loyal pets, cats might indeed be more faithful than assumed. Cats, with their unique combination of independence and affection, have an intriguing way of displaying loyalty.

Cats are believed to regard their owners as equals. As such, they are loyal to those who feed them and show them affection. They may not be as overtly protective as other pets, but their subtle loyalty shouldn’t be underestimated.


The video has since become a viral hit, attracting an impressive 1.1 million views and 140,800 likes. It seems that Chugs’ escapades have amused multitudes of viewers. It’s even more captivating to learn that this cat isn’t the only one engaging in this neighborly diversion.

Additional TikTok users have joined the conversation with their own anecdotes of ‘cheating’ cats. For example, one user named DaisyOllie1 disclosed, “My cat went missing in 2017 and I thought she died but I recently got a call from the vet that she was living with another family.”


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