Chef-turned-dog-rescuer is Thailand’s superhero

  • Michael J. Baines is a chef who became a dog rescuer in Thailand.
  • He started a now-bigshot nonprofit The Man That Rescues Dogs, saving and caring for around 600 dogs every single day.
  • The nonprofit is being funded entirely by donations.

From being a culinary expert to a dog philanthropist, Michael J. Baines is winning the hearts of the Thai people.

Michael left his home back in Sweden, and for 11 years, has been living in Chonburi, Northern Thailand. Realizing that there were many stray dogs in his new town, that need feeding and some TLC, Michael made it his personal mission to help them in any way he could.

Photo Credit: The man that rescues dogs/Facebook

Michael, with his new-found passion for homeless dogs, began his mission by feeding them — intentionally bringing extra food and water wherever he goes.

But it isn’t just food and water that these dogs need, there are other things such as medical care and shelter. For over five years, Michael has been helping about 80 stray dogs every single day, costing him more than $1,500 a month — out of his own pocket!

Because of his unconditional love for stray dogs, he became popular in his town as “the man that feed dogs.” Not long after, other people took serious interest with his mission, which eventually turned into a nonprofit organization.

Operated by people with the same passion and love for homeless dogs, The Man That Rescues Dogs gathered donations and volunteers enough to feed and care for thousands of dogs!

Currently, the shelter has 30 staff and a crowd of volunteers, enabling them to care for at least 600 dogs every day. As years go by, more and more dogs needing special care are being added to the shelter, such as paralyzed or disabled pups.

Photo Credit: The man that rescues dogs/Facebook

According to Michael, theirs isn’t an easy task, as the shelter requires a laborious job daily. Imagine feeding 600 dogs from breakfast to dinner, getting them out for walks, and doing other physiotherapy sessions for special dogs! Then there’d be cleaning, bathing, exercising, and whatnot.

But for Michael and his staff, this is just a piece of cake because the reward is much greater, much more fulfilling.

In fact, Chris Chidichimo, Michael’s assistant, shared how the shelter manages to offer a dog clinic, free of charge. “It is booked solid every day. We have two veterinarians and one assistant working full-time. We don’t charge for our service as long as we can spay or neuter their pet. It’s more important for us to have healthy, vaccinated, and sterilized animals in our community than it is to turn a profit.”

Photo Credit: The man that rescues dogs/Facebook

All in all, the shelter daily operations cost about 40,000 baht or $1,350. The amazing thing is that it is entirely funded by donations from equally good-hearted people as Michael!

For Michael, Chris, and the rest of the shelter’s crew, nothing is ever more rewarding than seeing these sick, abandoned dogs get another chance at life — a healthier, happier life at that!

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