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Chilled Out Critters: Squirrels Find Relief from Heatwave with Fan [Video]



Quick Smiles:

  • A TikTok video showing a group of squirrels cooling off in front of an electric fan in a woodland home has melted hearts across the Internet.
  • The video, posted by the user known as “Squirrel Lady”, has accumulated over 2.7 million views and has been liked over 190,000 times.
  • The post has sparked an array of humorous comments, including jokes about the squirrels leaving a five-star review for their “AirBnB”.

Ever felt the mid-summer heat becoming too unbearable?

You’re not alone!

It seems even squirrels are seeking out unique ways to beat the summer heat.

A delightful video has surfaced on TikTok of a group of squirrels flocking to an electric fan, and it’s melted the hearts of millions across the Internet.

The charmingly amusing video, posted by TikTok user @NutsAboutSquirrels or affectionately known as “Squirrel Lady”, shows a group of these furry critters lying on their bellies, their tails perfectly aligned with the strong breeze of the fan.

The squirrel escapade began when, “we accidentally left the fan on and this little guy took full advantage,” as shared in the post by the Squirrel Lady.


She lives in a cabin-style country home nestled amidst woodlands, a perfect abode for her many rodent visitors.

The Squirrel Lady further explained how she had been trying to assemble a table on her patio when her little guests decided to make themselves at home, using her patio furniture for a cool, relaxing respite.

A fan was added to the mix the next day, “in case he brought visitors, and can’t forget the water,” she humorously added.

The video, featuring the squirrels lounging and huddling around the fan, has been a hit among viewers, with over 2.7 million views and 190,000 likes since it was first posted on June 22.

The sight of the squirrels living their best life led to comments such as, “Hope the squirrel AirBnB leaves a 5-star review,” and another user playfully quipping, “Hey… I know a spot.”

The video’s caption beautifully sums up the furry encounter: “Their table is being assembled today. It’s their world we just live in it.”