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Cleveland Hero Rescues Infant from Fiery Inferno, Praised by Community



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  • A Cleveland man named John Stickovich heroically rescued an infant from a burning home.
  • Despite the daunting threat of smoke and fire, Stickovich entered the burning house twice in search of the baby.
  • The brave rescuer was treated for smoke inhalation but was well enough to return home the same day.

In Cleveland, a man called John Stickovich is attracting praise for his courageous actions. While on his usual morning commute to work, he observed a horrifying scene: a house engulfed in flames and smoke.

Upon seeing a woman on the front lawn holding an infant, Stickovich approached her. “The mother was sitting on the lawn with her baby and when I asked her if she was okay, she replied, ‘My baby is still inside the house.’ At that moment, I knew I had to save the baby,” Stickovich recalled.

Stickovich then attempted to enter the house, but was initially driven back by heavy smoke and the growing fire. However, an already opened door at the back of the house finally gave him a chance to get inside. The smoke forced him back outside after his first unsuccessful search.

Gathering information from the mother about the baby’s likely location, Stickovich braved the fiery chaos once more. As hope and oxygen were running low, a soft sound guided him to the trapped infant.

He rushed towards the noise, finding the baby’s leg. Using the remainder of his strength, he swiftly carried the baby out of the inferno.

The local fire department praised Stickovich’s life-saving act in an official statement. They also reported that two firefighters sustained injuries while fighting the fire that had been tamed after the successful rescue mission.


After his heroic act, Stickovich received treatment at a local medical center for smoke inhalation but was able to return home on the same day. There are reports that the city is considering recognizing his commendable bravery.

“I feel wonderful that I could save the baby. That mother doesn’t have to mourn her baby. That baby gets to live today,” he said. “People have been praising me, but I know I would do the same for anyone. I would hope that someone else would do the same for me.”


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